Monday, February 12, 2024

Log Cabins and More

While we were retreating we decided to make a quilt called Lone Cabin. It is in an old book Red Wagon Originals- HERE You can get it for a few bucks but be prepared to work with older and primitive patterns. 

Below is how my cabin went together.

I made mine first and suggested to the others to cut the strips a tad wider.

The directions say to applique that vertical strip. 
My log cabin needs a real contractor! hahaha

I unsewed below the door and sewed the bottom in. 

Complete! Definitely prim!

Christy's cabin

Carrie's cabin

I made a quick trip to Tacoma area and although I got stuck in rush hour traffic, I got to enjoy this amazing sunset!

Game day brought fam to the house. Elsa is a big lover of kids! She was happy to play with them. 
What a Super Bowl game! I was rooting for the 49ers, but OT in a Superbowl is something else!

Let's have a great week!



  1. What a great log cabin--I was able to snag a Red Wagon book on Amazon--I love that pattern--so prim...
    Such cute kiddos--;))) I see Elsa is "guarding" them ;))) Dog and kids--what could be better...
    Hugs, Julierose

  2. What a great Humble Cabin. Made with lots of sweetness. Loved seeing the others too. Looks like my kind of neighborhood! What a good dog Elsa is -- watching over the kids. Precious.

  3. I love your log cabin, went to Amazon and put the book in my cart

  4. Lori tan bonita tu casa, tengo este libro hace años , esperando hacer estas casas¿cuando llegara ese día? buena semana

  5. I love your logs!! Chiefs fan here.

  6. Love your Log Cabin! I know I have that book and will have to get it out and look over the pattern and probably add it to my long list of quilts I would like to make!

  7. It is a snowy day in PA. I just pulled all my old Red Wagon pattern books to enjoy with hot tea after I finish shoveling. The log cabin is great, primitive improv at it's best.

  8. Annette from Sisters, ORFebruary 13, 2024 at 7:31 PM

    This post motivated me to pull out my Red Wagon book to make a cabin as well. Finally found it today so plan on making it sometime this week. As I reacquaint myself with this book, I will say that quilt book instructions have come a long way in 30+ years....

    1. Right? Even the primitive ones have improved!

  9. Oh, I love this block! I knew I'd been saving plaids, homespuns and checks for a reason! Ordered the book on Amazon :) Thanks! Barbara S.

  10. What a great looking block! Love the string look so much!:)

  11. Wow the book is hard to find in decent condition. I just want the log cabin.


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