Monday, February 26, 2024

Newsy Monday

Good morning!
I'm not sure if/when I mentioned it but I recently helped a daughter clean out some of her mother's quilt room. I was hoping the investment would help fund my next mission trip. 
I've committed to going to Uganda this June! I haven't formally been approved but am planning on it for now. Thank you all for the support you've shown me over the last several years! 

So, book sales, photography (not my strong point) passport renewal, Etsy shop has been my focus the past several days. 

I have a lot of Quiltfolk magazines on Etsy.

Etsy store HERE

A sweet old quilt  made from a quilt kit! The meandering quilting has me thrown off a bit but the quilt is thin, tiny binding and well done. See more photos HERE

See the front of this quilt HERE The hand quilting is really nice. 

So charming! See the entire top HERE.

Post Office run today! 

Thank you to all who shared about my availability to do a trunk show at your guild!

I've got a couple of new guilds lined up. Thank you!! I'm also available for Zoom if that helps your quilt group.

Yesterday most of our snow finally melted.  Now it's just a mud fest!

Have an amazing week.



  1. I got my "George" in the mail today. Thank you!
    I love the blue and black fabrics in that vintage quilt.

  2. Love the blue print in the 4-patch quilt.

  3. My book came already! Your quilt finds are lovely.

    Uganda will be an exciting experience.


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