Friday, September 29, 2017

A-MA-ZING Applique quilts! Photo heavy!

I brought my son and his girlfriend to the Portland airport yesterday and thought I'd go to the 
Northwest Quilting Expo since I was in the city. 
Cathy Erickson had a display of her Baltimore style applique quilts and they were the finest I've ever seen in person! Enjoy!

Fun quilting motifs. No sashing, but piping!

Some of the blocks were signed

Tiny tiny intricate piecing!

 These were no larger than a dime!

This one had some interesting (and confusing) blocks.

Any thoughts about what is in the basket?

It doesn't seem to belong to this quilt. There is also a broderie purse at the top that seems a little out of place.

I love the scallop quilting to fill the background. That is what Beyond the Cherry Tree had too.

Look at this amazing edging!
 The inking details in many of the blocks were really fun to see!

Each one was unbelievable! hand micro stippling!

 The placement of this block in the quilt was a little tilted. I liked that! See, even these crazy intricate quilts have adorable quirks!

I have to end right there. Nothing more can top these lovelies!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Garment Making

I just put the final touches on my latest garment that I am making to wear at Houston Quilt Show. Working/volunteering in the education office we will all wear a particular fabric line on a certain day. 
This first garment is the menagerie line, pattern my Indygo Junction.

The basic a couple days ago.

Not super flattering but fun to make!

My apron with the Ghastlies line.

Last years vest (It is finished now but apparently no photo!) using cherrywood fabric, 
pattern by Indygo Junction

And the apron from last year using Eternal Sunshine fabric line.

Dressing and packing will be even easier this year!

Anybody going to Houston to see the quilt show or take classes?

Monday, September 25, 2017

Palmateer Point Part 3

Good Monday morning!

Alright, You'll now take your HST and sew them together as shown. Next Monday come back for the final part and we'll get the top together!!

Make it a wonderful week!

Friday, September 22, 2017

Friday Fun!

Happy Friday!

 Here's a little quilt I finished yesterday for a swap I was asked to be in. Thanks Christine. I enjoy making these little quilts. It is a surprise as to who it is going to, so I can show it here.
I love this ombre backing. 
Here's my inspiration quilt.

I received dresses for Colombia this week!!

Thank you Kathi M, Jan H., and Barb S. I am thrilled to see my dress stack growing!!

I must pass on this sale news. I love kai scissors and will never use another brand of rotary cutter. They are having a sale! 

You can get to their website HERE

My Instagram for the week.

If you want to see how I've been spending my spare time (haha- not as much as I'd like) check out my other blog HERE. I've been building a lot of strength and feeling really good!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


The Abc Sampler I started with Karen is DONE! 

 Because of the primitive style quilt I asked Kathy to do a quick all -over machine quilting.
It looks great to me!
This is one of the few quilt backings I have that aren't pieced. I think Kat gave me the backing material out of her stash when I was there this past spring.  It's perfect! Thanks Karen for encouraging me to sewalong and Kathy for your quilting skills!

Thank you all who are sewing along with Palmateer Point! I love seeing your fabric choices on my Facebook group. If you aren't a part of that group, I'd love for you to join us!

Have a lovely Wednesday!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Palmateer Point Quiltalong Part 2

When you choose your two fabrics it is important they have good contrast. I went with pink, which was in the original vintage quilt.

 We need 24 half square triangles that will finish at 3"- so that means these are 3 1/2" unfinished.

Here's the method I like to use. You can use whatever method you like and works for you!
From my 2 fabrics I will cut 3- 8" squares. (3 lights, 3 print)

Draw lines like this. and layer with your other fabric. 

Sew a scant 1/4" on each side of the diagonal lines. Cut on the other two lines. You will get 8 hst from this square! Super simple! Do that with 3 squares.
Press toward the darker fabric and trim to 3 1/2". Admire your work!

Ta-da! Until next Monday!
Have a wonderful week!!