Monday, June 29, 2020

Palmateer Point Revisited

In 2017 I had a little quiltalong and I called the quilt Palmateer Point, after an area my husband and I hiked.
You can find part 1 HERE.
Part 2 HERE
Part 3 HERE.
Part 4 and finale HERE

Linky party with lots of variations HERE.

I went backpacking this weekend and revisited Palmateer Point with my hiker friends.
 My view on the first night from my tent! Upper Twin lake

Palmateer Point with Mt Hood in the background. It was a perfect place to soak up some sun and eat lunch. 

 The second night camping was near this beautiful meadow of wildflowers. 
Barlow Creek, the view from the tent on night 2. 

I hope your weekend was super! Let's have a great week and stay well!


  1. Beautiful camp sites, I kept looking for a bear somewhere in those trees! Happy for you that you were able to be where you love. I still need to quilt my Palmateer quilt, this post could be the inspiration. Have a wonderful week and please stay well. Judy

  2. Beautiful scenery! Looks so peaceful & serene. Great way for you to get away from it all!

  3. What a gorgeous view of that lake. And I can hear that little creek in my mind. Love camping by water features. Hubby and I went camping early in the summer and camped by a little stream. Couldn't resist wading in it after a warm day, and it was icy cold--fed by snow melt.

  4. So fun to see your Palmateer Point quilt again! My version is on the table next to my recliner where evening hand quilting happens. In autumn it is replaced with Country Roads for a few months. These fall mini challenges are so useful as well as lovely.

  5. Oh, what a lovely lake! I could spend some quality time there. So glad you are getting out into the wild.

  6. What a beautiful place to hike and camp.

  7. You bring serenity and beauty to our homes with your posts. Thank you.

  8. i liked the pattern so much I made a large one.
    It sits over the back of my ‘sewing’ chair.
    Great photos.

  9. What a beautiful weekend hike and a beautiful quilt. Regretted not making it with you and everyone. All were so pretty.

  10. It looks so refreshing there, I can just imagine the scent of warmed pine needles underfoot being crushed by your feet and wafting into the air around you... yummy scent! That is a charming quilt, will have to check out the directions!

  11. What a beautiful place to camp and visit. I remember the quilt along, and still have my Palmateer Point quilt.


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