Friday, June 28, 2019

This, That and The Other

Here is my double four patch  laid out as I pieced the blocks together.  Up close it looked like a jumble....

We were thinking the lights should have been more light all the way through. 
Trying to get some good lighting. 

 I plan on adding a border. I like it because it was a friendship swap, not because I love the layout.
Thanks Kevin and Kathy!!

My first project was Almost Amish, our fall quiltalong. I'll baste it and quilt it over the next few months. This came straight from my solid bin. I recommend use what you have! (if you have it)
Green, white, light brown (photo looks gray), maroon, black and blue. 

We will share our string quilts with linky on Monday July 1st.  This is Kathy's "trash" bin for doggy beds. I made a few string blocks and didn't even have to get into her stash- just the trash! LOL 

I do have my complete Not Spencer Quilt Museum and we will share those on Wednesday July 3. Let me know if you are ready and I'll link to your blog!

I asked guild members to bring antique or vintage tops or quilt to share. It goes along nicely with the lecture and is such a good way for people to share their treasures with their friends. (and me!)
Donna shared a few quilts but brought more to the house Tuesday morning. I really want to share these two with you all. 

The note attached to this said they thought this was a practice quilt for a wedding quilt. 

Take a close look at that tiny quilting!! 

It was beautiful!! The quilting was so lovely.
This was the wedding quilt that she practiced for. The setting is the same, but she  changed the quilting pattern. 
 I love this fabric!!
How beautiful is this cable quilting??

The same tiny beautiful stitches.

This was only 2 of the family quilts she brought over to share. 
Loved them all!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! See you Monday with your string quilts!

Monday, June 24, 2019

Monday Muse from Ohio

I had such a fun few days!  Kathy and I took off early Saturday through the green and sunny countryside to Saegertown where the Quilt study group host ted my lecture. What a lovely group of ladies! The quilt I'm standing in front of belonged to Jill and was beautiful!
Kathy's friend Jim asked about my "speech" so Kat took a photo to send to him. I never excelled at toastmasters, but I do like to talk about quilts!! LOL

This was also her antique log cabin with cute handmade buttons on it!!!
It was very charming!

Then we were off to Transfer to meet with 2 guilds,  Pieceful Pursuits and Where the Corners Meet Guilds. Another terrific group of women and (1) man. 

It was fun to see my Jane Stickle quilt grace the alter!!

I asked them ahead of time to bring in any vintage or antique quilts and we'd share and talk about them. There were many and so lovely!!

Here is a lovely green and red applique quilt in an interesting pattern.
And this fun 1930's  fan quilted in green thread. 

Thank you all for attending and your kind and encouraging comments!! I have 2 more "speeches" MOnday night and Tuesday night, then home on Wednesday.

For those of you that thought staples may be hard to remove or may leave holes here is my demo. I hope it works!

For those of you that thought staples may be hard to remove or may leave holes here is my demo. I hope it works!
Make it a terrific week!

Friday, June 21, 2019

Wool Applique

Here is my wool applique hand project I brought to Ohio with me. 
The background I used is raw silk tobacco color. 

It is designed by Maggie Bonanomi. Staples work good for me to hold the pieces in place until I can stitch it down.
I tried a new to me trick. I put the book pattern in my copy machine, then put a 8 1/2"x11 piece of freezer  paper through the copy machine to get me pattern pieces ready. No tracing!

Then I pressed the pattern on the wool piece and cut out.

It's been awhile since I worked on wool. It's raining and gloomy here in Ashtabula, OH so its perfect for wool working!

I'm doing 2 guild lectures tomorrow:

NW PA Quilt Study Group
10AM $5.00 fee
Twelve Apostles Lutheran Church
358 Euclid Ave.
Saegertown, PA

Pieceful Pursuits Quilt Guild
Lakeside Evangelical Church
3203 N Hermitage Rd.
Transfer, PA 16154

Looking forward to meeting many of you!

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Double Four Patches Once More!

Many of you were asking about the quilt I am making the double 4 patches for, so I thought I'd share with you.
 A double four patch is a very straightforward and simple block. Here's the EQ directions for a 4" finished block.
Red Crinoline designed this fun setting using the db four patch block. There quilt pattern is called Wilderness Road HERE is the pattern. 
I'm packing for Ohio and I do not recall what their block size is. I think it is 6" finished, which was larger than we wanted.  A simple block starts to look a bit clunky if it is very big. 
(my very humble opinion) Three of us are exchanging blocks to give us a wider variety of fabric in our quilt. I'm hoping to start working on it while I'm away, but who knows!

Lizzy, Gone to the Beach, is so good at sharing what's blooming in her neighborhood, I thought I'd share a little portion of my back yard.  
Clematis, a deer favorite! (I spray repellent to keep them away- sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't)

 I just noticed Cory wrapped my coreopsis. The deer can, and will, taste those too, but I think he wrapped it to keep from mowing over them.
Mock Orange below my bedroom window.  Every shrub is pretty much taste tested about head level. If it is really tasty, the deer will stand on their back legs to reach higher.  The fawns should start coming around soon and they taste EVERYTHING! 

I hope your week is going fantastic!!

Monday, June 17, 2019

Your best Go! Tip

Looks like I'm having a bit of trouble with my Go cutting abilities!! 

 Is the key in ironing better? It's saving my wrist, but wonky strips aren't better!!

Had an amazing weekend backpacking the Pacific Crest Trail on nearby Mt Hood.
 Flag day comes to a close at Lower  Twin Lakes. 
We start refreshed for a big weekend!

After a long day of hiking (11 miles according to my GPS) this was our evening view at Timothy Lake.

I cannot get enough of the old growth forests! Some of these trees are massive!!

I hope your weekend was wonderful

Friday, June 14, 2019

Flag Day on a Friday!

I really enjoyed the Mt Bachelor Quilters Guild this week. I do not belong to a local group and it is fun to see what others in the quilting world are doing. 

Someone donated a huge (over 100x100) star top to the guild for a boutique fundraiser.  It was rippling and waving like crazy- they were ready to bring it to the thrift store. Someone had a vision!! 

She shared how she starched it to drenching, then let it dry, then ironed it. It was a massive quilt, so she cut it in half! Genius!

 Look at this darling quilt! Ready to make some money for the guild! I was impressed!!
This was a darling bird quilt! I found out it was made by a woman who lives in my town of Madras! 

My cheddar quilt looks,,,uh, very cheddar! LOL It feels different sharing it like this, rather than enjoying it on my bed.
I met two lovely ladies for dinner who came from out of town to see the lecture and quilts. Both are very talented! 

 On the Humble Quilts facebook group I shared a bit of GREEN! It is spring after all, and my world will be very brown soon. 

My Instagram feed for the week. 

One year ago on Flag Day 2018 I summited Mt St Helens! 

I love my country and respect my flag. 

Have a safe and wonderful weekend! Celebrate life!!

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

First Friday Exhibit

Before my guild presentation in Bend on Monday I was able to finally stop by and see the exhibit at Quiltworks!! 

Look close and you'll see some crazy bead work!
Here is the rest of that quilt!
The featured quilter info above. She admits to liking many styles and wants to learn everything!! 

This one really makes me smile!

She really does like a lot of different styles! They don't look like they would be
 made by the same person.
This one was made by Patti Stewart! I love it so much! (story below)

One of my recent quilts will be featured in the July exhibit! I guess you'll all need to wait and see which one it is. 

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

PS Despite our gallant effort, baby blue bird didn't make it.