Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Quilts and Friendships

My take on the International Quilt Festival probably won't look a lot like anyone else's. I told my room mate, helping in the Education dept is great, but it's the friendships that keep me coming back and is the highlight of my week.
So, I'll try and keep it relatively short..... LOL

 Lee is the owner of Two Thimbles Quilt Shop and is in Houston for quilt market so we only have one day that overlaps. Sunday evening after our education meeting we meet up for dinner. When I make trips to Seattle I like to get to her shop, but it isn't always possible. Follow her on facebook or instagram! This is her amazing quilt!!

 A complete display of the 1876 quilts!
Click to enlarge and read more- sorry about the sideways view.

 Karen Beigh's Shenadoah Valley quilt- so beautiful with the rich dark background.

And a selfie with the quilt proves I saw it in person!! LOL 

 Yep, saw Wendy's quilt in person too!! I eavesdropped on many comments- your cheddar background was loved by many!

The antique quilt. So quirky and fun to see in person!

I was so excited to see Janet's Bird of Paradise quilt. WOW! 
 So much applique and so beautiful!!

 Every restaurant is so noisy downtown, but it was fantastic to meet you Janet!!
Notice how pretty her hair is! Mine just kept getting bigger and bigger as the day went on!! LOL

And another beauty of Wendy's!!

Here is Barb Veddar's wonderful stunning eye catching quilt! And more proof that I saw it with my own eyes!! 

 I finally got to meet Diane Knott! We've communicated via email, then via phone, now in person!! Whoop! Whoop! She is the one who quilted the fans in my Sweet Land of Liberty quilt.
She was promoting her new book that has  this beauty on the cover!! 

I ran out of steam and will have to continue this post on Friday. 
Love to you all.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Sajou Revisited

I know there were many Sajou quilts made that never made it on the linky party we had. So I am opening it up until Thursday and will draw a number for the French General/ Sajou package shown in the photo.

Link up HERE. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Dear Daughter November blocks

Gay is right on schedule with the next batch of Dear Daughter blocks. This month they are quirky and fun!

Check it out at Sentimental Stitches.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Sewing for Dignity Days

I gathered a few friends and sewers together Saturday morning to sew washable menstrual pads. Cutting was quite the project. We all cut the absorbent fabric, then they all got to work sewing while I continued to cut. I figured if we at least have them all cut out they take just minutes to sew. 

Thank you Rachel! She also had the snap attacher tool so she took home all the finished ones to attach the snaps.  She also took more to sew!! Yay!

 Sharon took all of the thickest ones home to sew on. Then she'll pass them off to Rachel this week to add the snaps. Thank you Sharon! 
Christy cut and sewed, cut and sewed...... Thank you friend!

This is what I brought home to work on after I return from Houston. Then I'll box them all up and send them on their way before Angelika and Rod return to the Ivory Coast on November 24th.

If you would like to read about Dignity Days go HERE. Such a worthy project!

Take care lovely friends!

Friday, November 2, 2018

Finale Sweet Land of Liberty

Finished! Færdig! Fini! Fertig!Befejezett! Ferdig!Terminado!
I'm so happy to say this quilt is complete! Actually I want to add a couple of eyes- One to the fish and one to the red bird. But other than that, it is quilted and bound!
Here's a sunshiney view of the fan quilting that Diane did for me. Someone else did theirs with fans and I thought it looked great so that is what I did too.

Here are a few close ups of the different sections.

In the sunlight the quilting looks like it is competing with the top. 

Indoors it isn't that way at all! I'm using on my couch right now and it is very soft.
I generally don't have large enough pieces for the backing, but this worked out good.
Here are a few close ups of the patriotic fabric.  All of the light colored strips on the side came from my friend Jill's fabric stash after she passed away. I treasure those pieces!!

The flag binding came from her stash too.
With a quilt that has so many reds, I throw in a few color catchers.
Looks like they did their job!
Here's my label. We had a conversation about labels on the facebook group. If you are on facebook, please join and contribute! It's a happy place to be. 

Now I want to see your Liberty quilt- yours does not need to be complete! If you have been working on it and haven't shared it yet, we want to see! Yes we do.



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