Friday, May 22, 2015

Stars and Samplers

I want to say first that I hope everyone is nearing the completion of the doll quilt they are making. I know many have been sent and received! They are fantastic. Be sure to let me know if you receive a quilt that is not up to snuff or rules were not followed. I want to know.

I'm almost at the end of my sampler blocks. Won't you be thrilled!? Most of the blocks I am showing today replace ones in Anita's sampler.

Wonky house

Applique to replace the sunburst

More animals to go with the others. I still need to stitch a few details and the words.

I'm using this instead of the periwinkle block. Unfortunately this block does not have a seam allowance!

 Serpentine strips for Stars in a Time Warp. The brown one I consider an ombre, but it's got a diagonal stripe.
Here's what was on my Instagram feed this week!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Quilts and Friendships

If you all have been quilting long you will soon realize quilting isn't only about quilts. It's about the friendships. That hit me afresh while I was doing my trunk show, "Quilting through the Seasons"

So many of the quilts I showed had a connection with my long time friend (and machine quilter- that came later) I thought I'd do a post about our friendship.
We met online through a group called Interquilt in 1997. That was the olden days of mirc chatrooms and online lists. We chatted online, we chatted on the phone and then Interquilt was doing a live get together and I was going! Kathy and her husband picked me up at the airport and that was the start of a long and quilty friendship.
 I attended her quilt group and they did an impromptu show and tell for me. 
Kathy was hand quilting this pickle dish with 1/4" lines!

 Then she made her first trip "out west" to the Sisters show. We did a class, appropriately called, "To Sisters Through Ohio"
To Sisters through Ohio

We've done some amazing road trips!

Pretended we were on the commercial for Rice- A Roni!
And made more quilts together:
Mystery Quilt class at Sisters Quilt Show

Road to Paducah (my first trip to Kentucky) 

Trip Around the World. We actually made this at my home when she came out for the Sisters Show one year. It was so hot and we were getting so giddy and Kat kept sewing the pieces wrong. Finally I told her she was a shitty piecer! She never let me forget I said that! Of course, you all saw the pickle dish quilt, right? Nuff said about that!

Road to CA- three of us got together and swapped parts.

When I met Kathy she was working in a paint plant. She disliked her job so several years later she jumped in with both feet, quit her job, bought a long arm and started her own business. That was about the time Bonnie H stopped quilting for others and it was a smooth transition to Kathy. She is my primary quilter these days when I have to send quilts out. 

 She guided me with the trapunto on this quilt showing me the Hari Walner way. Then she quilted it. She liked it so much we swapped a quilt top that I made for quilting one of my quilts.
This is the one I made her
Obviously I needed to add one more border. I made this ocean waves as a swap for quilting too.
January 2013 was my last trip to see Kathy and as you can see the weather wasn't favorable for traveling far, so we sewed a lot. 

She has had knee replacement and is on the mend. I'm hoping she'll be up for another road trip soon! I think we are overdue. Wow! 18 years has flown by!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Look at this wonderful little stash roll of Civil War prints. I got this from 
Lee at Two Thimbles Quilt shop in Bellingham. I didn't get a chance to stop by the shop this trip but I do know Lee carries many, many  reproductions. You can see my past review HERE.
I just took a peek at her blog, Thimble Chatter,  and she has posted about the stash rolls! They are a great deal too!

My lovely friend Linda drove 1 hour and 40 minutes (one way!) to take the class and hear the evening lecture AND brought me a birthday present! Thanks again Linda- I love neutrals!!

Looky what I have now! I saw Janet's review on Rogue Quilter and only had the chance to stop by one store on my way to WA and they were not carrying these. A few of the ladies had them in  class and I really wanted to get my hands on at least one.  The next thing I knew, Tracie was calling  her husband and he was willing to go by Fabrics, Etc and bring some to class. Whoop! Whoop! I think he actually bought what they had and he didn't bring any back to the shop. 
So far, I love them!

Have a wonderful Monday!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Stars, Samplers, and Unusual Antique Quilt

 Here's my California Gold Stars in a Time Warp. I had a harder time understanding the interpretation since a lot of the fabric she showed was caramel colored. This is my interpretation. 
I have a couple more sampler blocks completed.  Flowers on Vine..

Album block and Tree Everlasting. 
Check out  KAREN'S, LUANN'SCATHY'S, and NANCY's blogs to see how they are coming on their Ohio Sampler.

Little quilts for the swap are crisscrossing the world. Please be sure to thank the maker when yours arrives!! If you do not have their email address then ask me and I'll give it to you.

Here is what you may have missed on Instagram this week.

 Laurie brought this unusual photo quilt to the class on Tuesday.
It has issues, but is so cool! I wish my photos would have stayed in the upright position.

Look at how fancy the "frame" is of this one.

It is on ebay right now and if I could have found it,  I would have added the link. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Running With Scissors

I had the privilege on Tuesday to teach a workshop to some wonderful ladies from the Bellingham area. The guild is called Running With Scissors.

This is the quilt, called Blue Ridge Rendezvous.. 
They all put in many miles behind their machines. And they were a very joyful bunch too!
Some got further than others but I think we all had fun and hopefully learned a little something.
Jane (I hope that is right) brought 3 of her quiltalongs that she has done from Humble Quilts. I love seeing them!
Laura came to the lecture and brought along her Cascadia. It was almost done! I found out that she was one who shared how she decorates her home with quilts. You can do a search on my blog and easily find that post!

After whipping them into quilt shape at the workshop, we all went for Mexican food. Yum! Thank you for dinner!!

Word spread about a birthday and soon I had on a sombrero, fried ice cream dessert and a bewildered look on my face! (I have to admit, the singing by the waiters wasn't too great!!)
Thank you Running With Scissors for making this day so enjoyable. Thank you Sharon (grassroots quilting) for asking me, and thanks Laurie and Linda for driving so far and being supportive!!
I'd be happy to teach somewhere else if anyone wants me!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!



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